Aston Martin DB9
As the successor to the DB7, the Aston Martin DB9 is seen as the saviour of the Aston Martin Lagonda company, reviving the great British marque and bringing the brand up to date with a grand tourer that won praise and awards in just about every category imaginable. Produced from 2004 onwards, the DB9 has stood the test of time and spawned many other models, ensuring Aston’s continued success. Within Real Racing 3, the DB9 is included in the Luxury Tourer Tournament as well as the Aston Martin Expedition.

Manufacturer Model Top Speed (kph) Acceleration (s) Braking (m) Grip (g) PR (base) PR (max) Price (R$) Price (Gold) Service (mins)
Aston Martin DB9 337 3.9 30.1 1.13 28.2 43.6 230,000 130